Litigation Support &
Expert Testimony

Our services encompass personal injury/wrongful death, employment, antitrust, intellectual property, commercial and matrimonial litigation. The scope of services and our role depends on the needs of retaining counsel. Dr. Steven Shapiro, our principal economic expert, can serve as a testifying expert or as an unnamed consultant. We can assist retaining counsel with preparation for examination of an opposing expert at trial or deposition. We are also available to assist counsel with settlement negotiations. We are available to be retained by counsel for plaintiffs or defendants.

Sample Cases:

  • Computing the lost earnings resulting from the death or injury of children.
  • Measuring the lost earnings of working adults, including wages, fringe benefits and pensions as a result of injury or death.
  • Determining the loss of household services when individuals are severely injured or die.
  • Forecasting the loss of income for entrepreneurs in personal injury and wrongful death matters.
  • Projecting the lifetime expenses necessary for the care of a disabled individual.
  • Computing damages in employment litigation, including terminations and denial of promotions.
  • Statistical tests for discrimination in pay and employment terminations.
  • Valuing pensions and other financial assets of parties in matrimonial cases.
  • Assessing the earnings capacity of parties in matrimonial cases.
  • Analysis of damages in alleged patent infringements involving a variety of technologies and markets.
  • Assessing competitive conditions and defining the relevant market in antitrust cases.
  • Assessing damages in antitrust cases.
  • Evaluating the damages resulting from alleged actions by a municipality that prevented a developer from commencing work on a planned project.